Ohno Kouji

Ohno Kouji (1971) Tokyo, currently lives and works in Amsterdam.
There are important concepts for his expression, ”To be in existence or not” and “In the view of life and death”. he considers and analyzes how these things relate to the world. Therefore, he has been continuing to research the relationship between anatomy and art at medical university after graduating from art university. The environment of his upbringing was downtown Tokyo which was a unique and particular megalopolis. The city is still mixed with Oriental philosophy and religion that believe in the afterlife of the soul, and Western culture created from the scientific civilization. From there to the present, he researches the consideration of “existence” which is explored all over the world, such as Ancient Oriental, Egypt, Greek philosophy as well as quantum and the theory of relativity-

His artworks and expressions are created when integrated with his thought experiments and site-specific cultures and histories.