Marijn Wensveen

Marijn Wensveen was born and raised in Amsterdam, where he lives and works. After studying industrial design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Marijn started to work as an independent art professional. Throughout the years he has worked and experimented with all kinds of different media and techniques such as welding, sculpting, 3d visual prototyping, graphic design, photography and printing. In his latest work many of these disciplines come together, using the highest quality of materials, namely airplane parts. Bringing art, design and engineering together, into a genre he himself prefers to call "action sculpting"; the sculptural equivalent of Action Painting. His works, based on free expression, are 3 dimensional documents of all the actions that took place; all the phases of the process are visible in the final piece. Allthough the abstractness of the objects, they seem to be spirited, to come to life.