Rinus van Hall

Rinus van Hall (1992, Amsterdam) is a young descendant of a well-known artist family. After completing a degree in architecture at the Technical University of Delft he started to dedicate his time to oil painitng. He has a strong eye for details and textures and always looks for hidden emotions and expressions in his painting subjects. His interest and facination for modern technology is often vissable in his artworks.



One of Rinus’s paintings has been selected for the Rembrandt tribute exhibition “Long Live Rembrandt” at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This exhibition in honor of Rembrandt, 350 years after his death, received around 8500 submissions from 95 countries. The exhibition runs from 15th of July till the 15th of September


The Fake Surface

At VOLTA Basel 2019 Rinus presented his latest collection of paintings under the title “The Fake Surface”. The collection consists out of 60 oil painted selfies on panel.

The way in which humans identify themselves is undergoing a rapid change in the course of our history. With the introduction of augmented reality, the boundaries of physical appearance are being broken. We are living in an age dominated by digital interference and sooner or later ones physical appearance will become a matter of choice. Where photography and film once surpassed the painted portrait as a more realistic representation of once appearance, augmented reality is tinkering with its reliability. With "The Fake Surface" I reflect on this change. It shows how "the self" in the selfie is ever changing and not subject to our physical reality. The project functions as the last stance heading into a new frontier.


Frans Halsmuseum

Just before the opening of his first solo-exhibition at KYAS ART SALON in November 2017 Rinus was asked by the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem to solve a big problem. The top-piece for their new exhibition The Art of Laughter, couldn’t make it in time for the opening and they asked Rinus to make a copy in two days. The result hung proudly in the museum, together with a monitor showing the production process.

Live Streaming

A contemporary approach to his classical style can be found in the use of live streaming on the platform twitch.tv, a platform built for the online game-community, but more and more used by creatives to showcase their talents live. Here he broadcasts as the phantompainter, giving his followers the opportunity to spectate his classical studies of old masters.


In the Quarter Latin of Amsterdam (de Pijp) Rinus painted the streetart piece “WAKE ME UP WHEN I’M FAMOUS” on the wall of his studio. Rinus calls it “the moto of his generation” and became a world famous instagram location. Everyday people pose in front of the wall to make a memorable picture.