Past Exhibitions

Rinus van Hall at RIJKSMUSEUM
July 15 - September 15

Rinus’s paintings has been selected for the Rembrandt tribute exhibition “Long Live Rembrandt” at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This exhibition in honor of Rembrandt, 350 years after his death, received around 8500 submissions from 95 countries. The exhibition runs from 15th of July till the 15th of September 2019.


VOLTA Basel 2019
Kouji Ohno - Quantum Fluctuation
Rinus van Hall - The Fake Surface

Quantum Fluctuation

These empty wooden sculptures are hollowed out from one piece of wood. They are delicate sculptures with parts as thin as 1mm, however, keep a strong presence. In the 20th-century quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity greatly changed the concept of time, dimension and existence. Quantum theory within modern physics, closely resembles emptiness and therefore resonates with the philosophy of Buddhism. Our bodies are made out of cells, cells are made out of molecules, molecules made out of atoms and atoms made from quantum. The size and mass of quantum elements cannot be determined with our current understanding of modern physics. We have yet to determine whether quantum is a point or a wavelength. Nevertheless, our bodies, our lives and the world we live in are made out of quantum. Within our bodies, there are inherent memories that are acquired from phylogeny. However, we have not been able to fully analyse the structures and mysteries of our bodies yet. These sculptures question our own existence.


The Fake Surface

The way in which humans identify themselves is undergoing a rapid change in the course of our history. With the introduction of augmented reality, the boundaries of physical appearance are being broken. We are living in an age dominated by digital interference and sooner or later ones physical appearance will become a matter of choice. Where photography and film once surpassed the painted portrait as a more realistic representation of once appearance, augmented reality is tinkering with its reliability. With "The Fake Surface" I reflect on this change. It shows how "the self" in the selfie is ever changing and not subject to our physical reality. The project functions as the last stance heading into a new frontier.


De genezing van de krekel
The healing of the cricket

Book launch and exhibition opening
Toon Tellegen & Gwen Stok
7 March - 5pm - 8pm

One day the cricket senses a strange feeling inside his head. It is a heavy and persistent feeling that doesn't seem to go away. The animals don't call him cricket anymore but depressed cricket. They all want to help him but despite their best efforts nothing seems to help. Only after the passing of time the strange feeling leaves his head and cures him of his depression. 

Gwen Stok, illustrator and artist, was extremely impressed by "De genezing van de krekel" (The healing of the cricket) and decided to transform Toon Tellegen's text into a graphic novel. The result is a beautiful book where the best of these two talents come together. It's a story for all ages that resonates with those dealing with depression and at the same time gives insight for those who don't.


The Mountain of Einstein
Gerard Verdijk & Josephine Sloet
November 23 - February 3

Even though Gerard Verdijk (1934 - 2005) passed away at the beginning of this century, many still remember him as a striking and versatile artist. From midway the 20th century until the beginning of the 21st century he was active within a wide area of the visual arts. He was a poetic and philosophical man that manifested his creativity through a wide range of materials and techniques. He was a curious man, eager to learn, who travelled through Europe, Turkey, The Middle-East, North-America, Africa and Japan to get acquainted with other cultures. He cannot be placed within one art-historical movement. The ever-changing world around him influenced his style and the use of his materials. When generalised his works can be placed in a few style periods: Abstract/Informal, Zero/Pop-Art, Fluor/Perspex and Zen/Haiku. In all these periods spaciousness, movement and repetition are recognisable elements.

In the 13 years after his passing in 2005, the life and works of Gerard Verdijk were meticulously documented by his wife Josephine Sloet. This monograph, a true "life's work" of 396 pages with 200 large images of his works came into being on Gerard's own request. He was also clear about the book's motto: The Mountain of Einstein. According to Albert Einstein, the creation of some something new can be compared to climbing a mountain, where one would obtain changing and growing perspectives along the way and would discover unsuspected connections between our customs and the rich variety of our environment. 

One Brush
Paintings by Kazuaki Tanahashi
October 26th - November 20th 2018

Artist, writer, peace- and environmental activist 
Kazuaki Tanahashi, born in Japan in 1933 and active in the United States since 1977, is an artist, writer, and peace- and environmental worker. As a painter and calligrapher, he has been pioneering the genre of one-stroke painting. Solo exhibitions of his brushwork have been held worldwide and he has taught numerous workshops, including those at seven international calligraphy conferences. As a writer, editor, and translator, he has produced over forty books in English and Japanese. His publications include Brush Mind, Heart of the Brush: Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy, and Painting Peace: Art in a Time of Global Crisis.
For more information about the artist please visit

As an environmental activist, he was the founding secretary of Plutonium Free Future. As a peace activist, he worked against the nuclear arms race and two Gulf Wars. He is currently the founding director of A World Without Armies and is also a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.


The Glamour of Frank Govers Jochem Brouwer June 21 - July 19

Opening and book presentation - 21 June 5 - 9 pm

At the age of 17 Jochem Brouwer (Amsterdam, 1972) started to photograph the haute couture shows of fashion designer Frank Govers. After 2 seasons he was asked to make the press photos and continued working with Govers until his retirement. Brouwer and Govers had a special bond as they could "spend time together in silence". Brouwer, being a young and shy upcoming photographer, operated in the background and never seeked the spotlight. Because of this his photos portray a very pure and unique perspective of Govers his genius creations.


Frank Govers (1932-1997) was a very renowned Dutch designer who after a life as a window dresser turned to couture in the mid seventies. In this period he made designs with abundant colours and the lavish use of fabrics. This bold and courageous style kicked off an succesfull career as a fashion designer for which he was granted the Royal Distinction two years before his passing.

Towards the end of his life he was more drawn to Parisian fashion and started to incorporate it's big and wide appeal. Within the creations of Govers echoos the desire for a better and more beautiful life. This is the philosophy that also resonates within Brouwer and this collection of photos. For the last 6 years of this Dutch couturier's career, Jochem made iconic analogue photographs of his creations. A time of glamour, opulence and perfection is clearly visible in his works as opposed to the easy and fast fashion that we see nowadays.

Aerial Vibrations
by Piet Jan Blauw
11 May - 17 June 2018

11 May, 5 - 9 pm
With live performance by the artist

Piet Jan Blauw’s work is not easily categorized. He is a musician and visual artist, he combines objects with sound and installations with performances. He is in the midst of the latest developments in technique and media but at the same time restores ancient materials and rituals. He has performed with numerous artists from the dance scene and exhibited all over the world for the past 30 years. Again and again he confuses the viewer, listener and art lover. Like how it is meant to be in art. Nevertheless there is one important common thread to be seen in his various forms of expression. His work expresses the unity of things and forms. The modern human being has often forgotten this unity, living in a splintered world. Blauw shows us these splinters and tries to unite them for us.

Central in his work is our view on the being of things. Blauw believes that our moral norms and existential theories originate from our cosmological idea of the universe. In the history of mankind he discerns at least four different world views: the enchanted universe, the holy universe, the scientific universe and the organic universe. His work expresses these universes. He makes tangible, visible and audible to us that they live on in us, giving them social significance and evoking feelings of discomfort. Because these old world-views still stipulate our ideas of good and bad and thus our everyday  behaviour. We live in a splintered world still inhabited by magical forces, by gods, by scientific laws and organic forces. We are still being led by this amalgam combination of ideas and values. 
For all that  the artist also carries out a happy message. His work is always influenced in a beautiful way by his traditional education and craftsmanship. His objects are aesthetic and his music harmonious, in a way. Combined with his performances they are a feast for the ear, the eye and the soul, showing us modern human beings the capacity to release ourselves from the past. And that is the key message of Blauw: instead of looking for meaning and purpose outside ourselves and in the past, we are finally capable to take responsibility and design our personal and global future, our creative universe.

Text by Peter van der Wel

絡新婦 / Jorōgumo
Manga Fine Art by
Yoshiyasu Tamura
23 February - 14 April 2018 


Yoshiyasu Tamura (1977, Gunma, Japan)  is called a mangaka and honoured as a hero in his home country Japan. But this description alone does not do justice to his reputation. Besides being a cartoonist he is also a celebrated artist, illustrator and technical genius. Mexico City, Basel, Taipei, Los Angeles, New York and Florence cover a fraction of cities where his works have been exhibited and he has collaborated with no one less than fashion designer McQ Alexander McQueen. Now his latest works have found their way to Amsterdam. They will be on display in KYAS ART SALON from the 23rd of February till the 21st of April. Not only for fans of Japanese pop culture this is a must-see. Also for lovers of Western painting a visit could be more than worthwhile. 


Tamura's style is best described as a point blank culture clash; a mix of traditional Japanese drawing, manga and western painting. East meets west. Women play the leading part in most of his works. These women are not depicted in a realistic fashion but are glorified through the ideals of manga culture in which eyes play a crucial part. On the other hand Tamura's works are clearly inspired by western renaissance; women are attributed godlyfeatures, just like in the world of manga. Also other styles from the renaissance can be found, like the use of gold plate. "When I was 15 years old I traveled abroad for the first time in my life. Especially in Italy I was struck by the beauty of religious works. They finally became the foundation for my later work.

Tamura aims for the decorative and extravagant, mainly by the use of rich colors and pigments. "My goal is to find a common between western and japanese painting, modern manga and animé. It is an art to rediscover and redisign these elements. 

Debut Exhibition
by Rinus van Hall
24 November - 20 January

24 November 2017, 5 - 9 pm,
During Amsterdam Art Weekend

KYAS ART SALON is very excited to present Rinus van Hall's first exhibition.

Rinus strives after a life as an autonomous artist and has been painting fervently over the last 3 years. His main focus is painting portraits, looking for the hidden emotions in his subjects. In a short period of time he has developed a strong eye for detail and texture. Inspired and convinced by the importance of the classical painting, Rinus is teaching himself old techniques through making countless studies. In his first solo exhibition free work will be shown of this young descendant of a well- known artist-family. The development arch will take more leaps as the exhibition progresses. The results will be shown during the finissage on 20 January 2018.

Last week Rinus van Hall was commissioned by the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem to solve a big problem. The top-piece for their new exhibition The Art of Laughter, couldn’t make it in time for the opening on 10 November. They asked Rinus to make a copy in two days. The result is hanging proudly in the museum, together with a monitor showing the production process.

A contemporary approach to his classical style can be found in the use of live streaming on the platform, a platform built for the online game-community, but more and more used by creatives to showcase their talents live. Here he broadcasts as the phantompainter, giving his followers the opportunity to spectate his classical studies of old masters.

On 26 November there will be a Salon Fraîche where he will be interviewed about his work. There will also be the chance to commission him for a work to be painted. From 27 November on you are more than welcome to visit Rinus at the gallery by appointment. You can also see him work live on during his residency at KYAS ART SALON.

Rinus van Hall feels unleashed and is happy to show you where his development will lead to. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.23.29.png

Rinus van Hall, Girl with the feathers, 2017, Oil on panel, 24 x 30 cm 

24 November 2017, 5 - 9 pm,

during Amsterdam Art Weekend, Introduction by Ann Demeester, director of Frans Hals Museum

Salon Fraîche
26 November 2017, 3 - 6 pm

Interview with Rinus van Hall

Artist in Residence
27 November 2017 - 20 January 2018

Live streaming on

20 January 2018, 5 - 9 pm

Lovers 100
Kaoru Yamamoto
14 October - 19 November

The work LOVERS 100 contains 100 animation clips printed in motion. The subject of the clips -taken from a computer animation film Yamamoto made- was given by a video producer, Yamamoto was commissioned by. He spread22 Great Arcana Tarot cards on a table in front of her, then asked her to pick one: “This will be the subject of your next project.” Although she was nervous, Yamamoto pointed one without any doubt. “LOVERS” was the card. Immediately, beautiful images came up in her mind, and the seeds for her computer animation film LOVERS 100 were planted.


Kings & Queens
Léon Hendrickx in collaboration with Micha Schneijderberg (aka Snorella)
27 July - 24 September

For most people, drag queens are an exotic phenomenon restricted to the worlds of spectacle, fantasy and entertainment. KINGS & QUEENS explores how drags challenge traditional gender definitions by showing that there is much more to life than simply being a man or a woman. But who are these drag queens? And who is the man behind the spectacular female display? Whose desire is satisfied with the transformation back and forth and what does one side get from the other? 

The photo series Kings & Queens brings the viewer closer to the drag queen's identity beyond the exhibitionist extravaganza. Using photomontage, man and drag are seamlessly arranged in one image, revealing the two personalities' relationship. These portraits tell stories about gender, love, identity, sexual transcendence and perhaps even about the nature of man him (or her) self.

A part of the exhibition will be shown at FOAM Café from 27 July till 6 August, during Amsterdam Gay Pride.

80x100 Jos & Juno 2016.jpg

Die Another Day
Peter Klashorst
April 22 -July 25

Die another day: a quest for decay of the human mind at the dark side of the world. KYAS ART SALON is very proud to present a selection of his best recent works. In his work Klashorst tries to reveal our deeper emotions, frustrations and vulgarities as well as the absurd reality of politics. Piercing the illusions of modern mankind. Stylistic and formal problems of painting are less and less of his interest. His work is unpolished and raw; an analysis of fear and desire. 

“To appreciate Peter Klashorst’s art is to understand the larger historical context - he’s continuing the grand tradition of writers and artists before him, fearless in his vision, courageous in his continued battles against powerful corporate and state censors, and dedicated to his freedom and independence despite the hardships.” Christopher G. Moore - “Peter Klashorst: Our Night Watchman”

Klashorst (1957), started his career in the eighties by initiating the artist-collective “After Nature”. He left The Netherlands in the late nineties to work in Africa and Asia, inspired by his heroes Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Gauguin. Refusing to be part of the establishment, he chooses clash over harmony. Klashorst has become the painting outcast of Dutch society, roaming the world in search of paradise and hell. In 2011 his autobiographical novel “Kunstkannibaal” was published.

Fragments of Oblivion
Torben Raun
February 24 - March 26

Torben Raun, (1973, Haderslev, Denmark) a graduate in Film and Media Studies from Copenhagen and London Guildhall University (2000), took up photography in 2003 studying at the Danish School of Art Photography. Finding beauty in the ugly is a recurring theme in his documentary and art work. Torben is currently based in Amsterdam, travelling worldwide for assignments and personal work, using both film and photography with any camera available, including smartphones. His work has been exhibited at Tokyo Graphic Passport (2010), FotoFestival Naarden (2011) and Paris Photo Mode (2015).

Oblivion: the act or process of dying out; the condition or quality of being completely forgotten: If we don't preserve their habitat, the entire species will pass into oblivion. Decades of Decay has turned Cuba into something oddly beautiful. The pre-Revolutionary style elements, American 1950’s quality products mixed with the messy 'whatever we have or can find we will use because nothing else is available' approach is a total antistatement to the Western throw away culture. To the non tourist, Cuba is so much more than cars and sandy beaches. Taking a moment to recognise the beauty in the ugly is essential to experiencing the real Cuba. 

The Forest and the Dress
26 March - 30 April 2016

KYAS ART SALON presents Jacqueline Lamme and Justine Albronda, two female artists with eyes for beauty and a strong connection with the tradition of Dutch painting. Both artists paint specific themes from their daily environment. Amongst their oil paintings, Caroline Curtis´s painted ceramic works also will be presented.

03_ijsvogels met kleed_cc.jpg

For this exhibition, Justine Albronda finds her inspiration in her closet. With poetical great sensitivity, she paints her favorite garments, that emphasize the female aspect as an artist, such as, dresses, blouses and her own fur coat. She works in the tradition of the Baroque, with great attention to the light, shadow and an extraordinary realism with tranquil and clear technique. A contemporary interpretation of the Dutch genre paintings from the Golden Age.

The Romanticism of the 19th century is the starting point of Jacqueline Lamme´s paintings. In her work, she is searching for a natural paradise, based on observations at the edges of Amsterdam. Animals from the nearby wilderness, especially birds and butterflies, are placed in dark painted surroundings.

Caroline Curtis uses 100 years old ceramic plates, which are glazed and refired. Her dishes and plates with hand painted stylized lacework and animal motives form a bridge between the themes of this exhibition: The Forest and the Dress.

Asselt vs Kousbroeck
10 October - 7 November 2015

Thoughts collide when these visual artists cross their pens in a battle. Eight themes will pervade during the visual confrontation between two draftsmen: from strawberry to birth, from fragile to pensioners, from work to war, from refugees to philosophy.

Gabriël Kousbroek & René van Asselt, changing the way we look at everyday life, will fight this visual battle in 16 one-of-a-kind supersized prints.

There will be a live performance at the opening: a drawing battle between the draftsmen, Kousbroek & Van Asselt
as well as a musical interlude featuring DJ Ruigrok, Olaf Zwetsloot and the languorous pianist. Besides that, Gabriël will be drawing live during the exhibition period between 2 pm and 4 pm at KYAS ART SALON, daily.

Devour the Absence
Trompette de la Mort
December 18 - February 11

Artists Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva and Gwen Stok explore an illusive sanatorium with the creation of Trompette de la Mort. Their art has a macabre but playful feeling to it, as if you’re the guest of honour among cannibals, while trying to remember proper table manners. Bruno and Gwen decided to work together in 2014. Their first show was in December 2014 but this was just the beginning. They are specialised in ink drawings (small and big) and paintings as well.

Flight Light
Marijn Wensveen
November 26 - December 14

Marijn Wensveen was born and raised in Amsterdam, where he lives and works. After studying industrial design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Marijn started to work as an independent art professional. Throughout the years he has worked and experimented with all kinds of different media and techniques such as welding, sculpting, 3d visual prototyping, graphic design, photography and printing.

In his latest work many of these disciplines come together, using the highest quality of materials, namely airplane parts. Bringing art, design and engineering together, into a genre he himself prefers to call "action sculpting"; the sculptural equivalent of Action Painting. His works, based on free expression, are 3 dimensional documents of all the actions that took place; all the phases of the process are visible in the final piece. Allthough the abstractness of the objects, they seem to be spirited, to come to life.

Jochem Sanders
(Un)colored, A Midsummer Night's Dream
4 June - 10 July 2016

KYAS ART SALON is proud to present the photo-exhibition "(Un)colored, A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Amsterdam based artist Jochem Sanders (1977). The photographs shown are a selection of images shot on film over the last 15 years.
During his travels as a photographer Jochem always carries a Stylus Epic to capture his surroundings in a very intuitive way. It is the kind of photography with no initial concept. It is about looking with the heart. Capturing moods evoked by spaces. A number of images are b&w shots colored in post-production, questioning how one remembers color.


Janneke Viegers
The Big City and the Seven Cows
6 February - 9 March 2016

Catherine van der Werff during the opening speech: “This is a fascinating confrontation between city and nature, between instinct, abstraction and reason,” Viegers explains. “Shaving and painting the cow skins almost felt like acts of violence. But that is exactly what we do to nature: we plaster and scar the purity of nature with our cities. Cities are white moulds, sores rising from the earth and crushing nature. 

Sparkling Together
30 May - 30 June 2015

We are proud to announce the launch of the group exhibition from major works of sparkling artists together, for the important art week in Amsterdam. Artists: Yoshiyasu Tamura, Phil Bloom, Krijn van Noordwijk, Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, Jochem Sanders and Kaoru Yamamoto

Yoshiyasu Tamura
The New Mango Fine Art
November 15 - March 31 2015

The new salon style art space KYAS ART SALON will be the space for art lovers and cultural happenings.  Our first represented artist is Yoshiyasu Tamura, the Japanese Manga Maestro. Tamura will be staying for one month at KYAS ART SALON, producing his Manga Fine Art everyday!  During the opening, he also welcomes YOU to create a manga style portrait for YOU!

Mangaka, illustrator, painter. Born in Gunma, Japan, in 1977. Since high school he has been involved with drawing cartoons and he soon signed a contract with publisher Shueisha. In 2003 his first manga, Fudegami (JUMPCOMICS, Shueisha) was published on a very popular monthly magazine called   ‘Gekkan Shonen Jump’. Tamura also works as a painter, inspired by western art. His first solo exhibition titled ‘Genesis – Paintings by Yoshiyasu Tamura’ was in 2008. In 2011 he had an exhibition at the ‘Nihonga ZERO’ (Higari Zingaro, Kaikaikiki) under the supervision of Takashi Murakami. At the same time he started to exhibit internationally at art fairs, such as Mexico City, Basel, Taipei, Los Angeles, New York and Poznan. In 2013 he has been invited to cultural events in Siena, Lucca, Lisbon.  From then a European tour began with his works.  After showing his talent in various countries, he received invitations to hold his workshops at festivals and comic schools. His workshops always have been very popular. In 2014 Tamura had a solo exhibition at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence. This year Tamura received his assignment with the fashion brand “McQ Alexander McQueen” for fall/winter collection women 2014.