Current Exhibition

One Brush
Paintings by Kazuaki Tanahashi
October 26th - November 20th 2018

Opening and Artist Performance
October 26th 6-8 pm


KYAS ART SALON is proud to announce the first solo exhibition of Kazuaki Tanahashi in The Netherlands

For this exhibition, Tanahashi will show his latest collection of one-stroke paintings for which he uses traditional Japanese calligraphy techniques. With his extended knowledge and experience, he transforms traditional Japanese calligraphy into unique pieces of art.

Live performance and Workshops 
During the opening, Tanahashi will create three one-stroke paintings with a human-size brush. Apart from this performance, two workshops under the title “Heart of the Brush” will be held on Sunday the 28th of October, 9.30 - 12.30am and 3 - 6 pm. Each workshop has 20 places and costs €70,- / person. This is including the use of all materials needed. For tickets please email or call the gallery.

Artist, writer, peace- and environmental activist 
Kazuaki Tanahashi, born in Japan in 1933 and active in the United States since 1977, is an artist, writer, and peace- and environmental worker. As a painter and calligrapher, he has been pioneering the genre of one-stroke painting. Solo exhibitions of his brushwork have been held worldwide and he has taught numerous workshops, including those at seven international calligraphy conferences. As a writer, editor, and translator, he has produced over forty books in English and Japanese. His publications include Brush Mind, Heart of the Brush: Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy, and Painting Peace: Art in a Time of Global Crisis.
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As an environmental activist, he was the founding secretary of Plutonium Free Future. As a peace activist, he worked against the nuclear arms race and two Gulf Wars. He is currently the founding director of A World Without Armies and is also a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.