Current Exhibition

Lovers 100

By Kaoru Yamamoto
14 October - 19 November

The workLOVERS 100 contains 100 animation clips printed in motion. The subject of the clips -taken from a computer animation film Yamamoto made- was given by a video producer, Yamamoto was commissioned by. He spread22 Great Arcana Tarot cards on a table in front of her, then asked her to pick one: “This will be the subject of your next project.” Although she was nervous, Yamamoto pointed one without any doubt. “LOVERS” was the card. Immediately, beautiful images came up in her mind, and the seeds for her computer animation film LOVERS 100 were planted.

Lovers 100, scene #50, 2016, lenticular print, 28,5 x 36 cm, edition 7

Lovers 100, scene #50, 2016, lenticular print, 28,5 x 36 cm, edition 7

For a long time, Yamamoto wished to bring her animation works out from the screen into wall pieces, to make it visible without any electronics involved. In the late 2000’s the lenticular printing technique finally made it possible to print full motion video effects. She transferred this 5 minute love story into 100 individual artworks.

William Faulkner wrote: “The aim of every artist is to arrest motion -which is life- by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.” In LOVERS 100 Yamamoto takes his words both literal and unworldly. The parallel experience of the 100 moving pieces bring you to a dreamlike state of timelessness.

Kaoru Yamamoto (Kyoto, Japan) is one of the first computer graphic artists from Japan. After graduating at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Yamamoto was soon drawn into computer-generated art, believing that the key to today's art lies in the use of today's techniques. In 1991, she established a computer-graphics studio; Kaoru Yamamoto Art Studio (KYAS) in Osaka Japan, specialised in processing computer-generated artworks into wall pieces and installations. Soon she became a renowned front-runner in computer-arts, and was invited for many international art exhibitions.

In 1995 she opened a studio in Amsterdam to further broaden her horizon. In 2000 she extended her work into digital animation and started to perform as a Visual Jockey (VJK), believing that art is born in today's venues, not in art museums. The end of her VJ career, was highlighted by an exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and a live show in the Van Gogh Museum. In 2012, Her digital musical project “Kyo-Onna in My Heart” was launched on iTunes and amazon.com.

Apart from Amsterdam and Osaka, she has lived and worked in London, New York and Kassel. Her studio, Kaoru Yamamoto Art Studio in Osaka remained as her visual laboratory until 2016, after which she moved all her activities to her beloved Amsterdam. In November 2014, she founded KYAS ART SALON, contemporary art gallery at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.