Peter Klashorst

Klashorst (1957), started his career in the eighties by initiating the artist-collective “After Nature”. He left The Netherlands in the late nineties to work in Africa and Asia, inspired by his heroes Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Gauguin. Refusing to be part of the establishment, he chooses clash over harmony. Klashorst has become the painting outcast of Dutch society, roaming the world in search of paradise and hell. In 2011 his autobiographical novel “Kunstkannibaal” was published.

“To appreciate Peter Klashorst’s art is to understand the larger historical context - he’s continuing the grand tradition of writers and artists before him, fearless in his vision, courageous in his continued battles against powerful corporate and state censors, and dedicated to his freedom and independence despite the hardships.” Christopher G. Moore - “Peter Klashorst: Our Night Watchman”