Upcoming Exhibitions


Aerial Vibrations
by Piet Jan Blauw
11 May - 17 June 2018

11 May, 5 - 9 pm

Piet Jan Blauw’s work is not easily categorized. He is a musician and visual artist, he combines objects with sound and installations with performances. He is in the midst of the latest developments in technique and media but at the same time restores ancient materials and rituals. He has performed with numerous artists from the dance scene and exhibited all over the world for the past 30 years. Again and again he confuses the viewer, listener and art lover. Like how it is meant to be in art. Nevertheless there is one important common thread to be seen in his various forms of expression. His work expresses the unity of things and forms. The modern human being has often forgotten this unity, living in a splintered world. Blauw shows us these splinters and tries to unite them for us.



Central in his work is our view on the being of things. Blauw believes that our moral norms and existential theories originate from our cosmological idea of the universe. In the history of mankind he discerns at least four different world views: the enchanted universe, the holy universe, the scientific universe and the organic universe. His work expresses these universes. He makes tangible, visible and audible to us that they live on in us, giving them social significance and evoking feelings of discomfort. Because these old world-views still stipulate our ideas of good and bad and thus our everyday  behaviour. We live in a splintered world still inhabited by magical forces, by gods, by scientific laws and organic forces. We are still being led by this amalgam combination of ideas and values. 
For all that  the artist also carries out a happy message. His work is always influenced in a beautiful way by his traditional education and craftsmanship. His objects are aesthetic and his music harmonious, in a way. Combined with his performances they are a feast for the ear, the eye and the soul, showing us modern human beings the capacity to release ourselves from the past. And that is the key message of Blauw: instead of looking for meaning and purpose outside ourselves and in the past, we are finally capable to take responsibility and design our personal and global future, our creative universe.

Text by Peter van der Wel