Van Asselt & Kousbroeck

René van Asselt (Baarn 1959) works as an illustrator and infographic designer for “Elsevier” magazine i.a.
Gabriel van Kousbroeck (Paris 1965) is a graphic novelist and comic artist working for the Dutch newspapers “De Volkskrant”, “De Groene Amsterdammer” and “Nieuwe Revu”. “Nijgh and Van Ditmar” published his first autobiographical novel: “Kousboek” in 2013.

Thoughts collide when these visual artists cross their pens in a battle. Eight themes pervaded during the visual confrontation between two draftsmen: from strawberry to birth, from fragile to pensioners, from work to war, from refugees to philosophy. Gabriël Kousbroek & René van Asselt, changing the way we look at everyday life.