Upcoming Exhibition

De genezing van de krekel
The healing of the cricket

Book launch and exhibition opening
Toon Tellegen & Gwen Stok
7 March - 5pm - 8pm
Opening speech by Patricia de Groot


One day the cricket senses a strange feeling inside his head. It is a heavy and persistent feeling that doesn't seem to go away. The animals don't call him cricket anymore but depressed cricket. They all want to help him but despite their best efforts nothing seems to help. Only after the passing of time the strange feeling leaves his head and cures him of his depression. 

Gwen Stok, illustrator and artist, was extremely impressed by "De genezing van de krekel" (The healing of the cricket) and decided to transform Toon Tellegen's text into a graphic novel. The result is a beautiful book where the best of these two talents come together. It's a story for all ages that resonates with those dealing with depression and at the same time gives insight for those who don't. 

Toon Tellegen (Brielle, 1941) is a poet and writer of children books, prose and theater for adults. His first book, De zin van een liguster, a posy for adults appeared in 1980. His first sheaf of animal-stories, Er ging een dag voorbij, was published in 1984. After this many sheaves of allegorical animal stories followed. In 1995 a substantial amount of these stories were bundled in Misschien wisten zij alles. Recently this collection was followed up by the new volume Iedereen was er. For adults, Tellegen doesn't only write poetry but also prose such as Twee oude vrouwtjes, Dora, Brieven aan Doornroosje and the Libris Literatuur Prijs nominated book De trein naar Pavlovsk en Oostvoorne (stories his Russian grandfather told him). 

He won countless awards with his books for children and adults alike. The novel De genezing van de krekel was crowned with De Gouden Uil in 2000. For his entire collection of works he was awarded the Vriesprijs in 2006 and the Constantijn Huygensprijs in 2007. 

Tellegens animal-stories are popular worldwide and have been translated in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Zweden, China, Japan, Russia, Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic. 

Gwen Stok (Rotterdam, 1983) studied at de Willem de Kooning Academie and is an autonomous illustrator and artist. She makes illustrations and comics in a playful philosophical way that give insight about human nature. Her app, Een verre reis, was praised by two Lovie Awards, a Gouden Guppy and a Special Mention Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award. As a member of the artist duo Trompette de la Mort, Gwen has exhibited in KYAS ART SALON and the Kunst RAI.